SNUBA® Sales Briefing

SNUBA® Sales Briefing:

This is your daily 5 minutes of Fame! Your SNUBA presentation should be energetic, informative and most of all FUN! It’s your opportunity to shine, so take advantage of it. Humor and originality always helps, but make sure you hit all the key points!

Here is a Quick Summary of Points to Remember:

Intro: the SNUBA® Raft and System

The SNUBA raft is a beautiful thing! It will be your guests’ best friend in the water. SNUBA divers can’t get lost, can’t go too deep and always have a place to rest when they need it. Divers can use the hose to come up slowly, hand over hand, and the raft will be there waiting.

Unlike snorkeling, SNUBA is a closed system. Compressed air flows from the air tank on the raft, through the 20-foot hose line, to the regulator in the divers’ mouth. There is no need for divers to hold his or her breath and water will not enter the mouth if the regulator is kept in place.

SNUBA gives divers complete freedom underwater. The hose line yields a maximum depth of 20 feet, but one can choose his or her most comfortable depth. Divers do not have to worry about conflicting depths because every diver breathes from an individual hose line. SNUBA divers can use the hose to descend slowly and maintain the depth within his or her comfort zone. Remember, the deeper you descend, the closer you get to other divers on your raft.

SNUBA’s adjustable harnesses comfortably clip around participants’ waist and secure the hose and regulator for every diver. Weight belts are often used and provide controlled neutral buoyancy –– keeping SNUBA divers at a constant level, not floating to the surface or sinking to the bottom.

The only real requirement for SNUBA is to be comfortable in the water. Preventative health conditions aside, if a participant is an average swimmer, has previously enjoyed snorkeling, and can simultaneously breathe and kick, then he or she can SNUBA dive.

VERY IMPORTANT! The SNUBA experience will be different for every participant. It is important to convey to your guests that they can ALL participate in this experience together, regardless if one person in the group is an Olympic Swimmer and another is a raw beginner. Snuba is not a competitive sports, rather a personal underwater adventure. Every diver has his or her own comfort level and the smallest success in this experience can be life changing. SNUBA is about having FUN!

Remember, as the SNUBA Guide, if you are doing boat SNUBA, you are part of a crew and the comfort and enjoyment of your guests is one of your responsibilities. As busy as you are, always be friendly and helpful! Point out bathrooms, where snacks and drinks can be found as well as caution areas on the vessel. Bus refuse such as paper plates and cups to the trash and “serve” your guests. A few hours later they will remember these considerations as well as their life-changing SNUBA Adventure when they are departing and it’s time for gratuities! download: SNUBA Sales Briefing (B)
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